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One billion strong: Women in the workforce will be the agents of change

It used to be a man's world.

If you've seen the TV series, Mad Men, when men were in charge at the office, you get a sense of how it was for working women in the 1960s. If they weren't nurses, hygienists or teachers, very often they were secretaries who developed management skills. They took pride in becoming indispensable to an employer, but it was rare for them to advance to positions of leadership.


Increase in women on executive boards points to worldwide benefits

"Now is the time to make women's history, not just celebrate it," says Women Corporate Directors' co-founder Susan Stautberg, president of PartnerCom Corporation.

In conjunction with Women's History Month this March, WomenCorporateDirectors (WCD)—the largest global membership organization of women board members—is taking significant steps to increase the numbers of women on boards worldwide.