Doing well by doing good: Conscious women leaders inspire real change

doing-well-by-doing-goodWhen 25,000 industry members convened in Baltimore last month to show and see new products at Natural Products Expo East, many of them came together at Women in Naturals, sponsored by DAWN and by Reserveage Nutrition.™ The event brings influential women in the industry together to network over food and wine.

Expo East gives everyone in the naturals industry an opportunity to share how they’re growing and network with each other. It generates great excitement for natural products, for whole living, health and wellness. The passionate women who gathered at Women in Naturals have an exciting vision about what they can achieve, not only for themselves, but for everyone who can benefit from their initiatives. They are highly conscious of the good they can do.

And that’s why Naomi Whittel, CEO and founder of Reserveage Nutrition, created DAWN—to support female entrepreneurs who believe, as she does, in creating natural products to support health.

At Women in Naturals, Expo East, she came to the podium to talk about good business values. Those are essential to success. “Being successful at what you do,” she said, “is about so much more than simply making money. It’s about inspiring real change.

“If I can make it easier for someone to adopt a new health habit or begin supplementing, I have helped someone. If I can create a product inspired by an indigenous people, who in turn are inspired by our product and want us to help share their knowledge, I have made an impact. Conscious women leaders inspire real change.”

Naomi said her success had come because her vision has always been about meeting consumer needs. “That’s the beauty of natural products,” she said. “We created them to respond to very specific needs and our customers tell us they’re working.”

When she started her business more than four years ago, the economy had tanked. She was warned that it was unwise to start a new business at that time. And yet, as Reserveage™ Organics, she launched with four Resveratrol formulas and achieved profitability in just three months of operation. What’s more, she established Resveratrol as a supplement people need to support their health as they age.

Naomi knows firsthand that the entrepreneur just getting started may be worried about failing. And no wonder. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, one third of new businesses fail in the first two years. Fewer than 45 percent of those are still in business by year five.

Seventy percent of most start-ups have closed before they reach 10 years.

What makes starting a business so risky? A 2013 study published by Entrepreneur Weekly found the number one mistake failed entrepreneurs made was going into business for the wrong reasons.

“Making a profit is not the only right reason to start a business,” Naomi said. “ Being a business for conscious change—yes! That’s the right way to make a profit, and it’s the Reserveage Nutrition way.”

A few of Reserveage Nutrition’s recent honors as one of the fastest growing companies:


2012 Fastest Growing Company – Silver winner


2013 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Florida

INC. 500

2013 – Inc. magazine ranks Reserveage Organics 363 on its list
of 500 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies