UK Ultimatum

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s Ultimatum

As seen in recent news, British Prime Minister David Cameron has created a major ultimatum for companies in England when it comes to more female leadership.

According to, major companies will face quotas unless they promote more women to the board level.

Cameron states there is evidence of a positive link between women in leadership and business performance and companies are run better when men and women are alongside each other. His other goal is to focus on promoting female entrepreneurs in England.

According to Theresa May’s speech at the Royal Commonwealth Club, the British government plans to provide resources for 5,000 mentors to be trained to help women set up their own businesses, in addition to the government’s ongoing work to boost flexible working and improve the parental leave system.

However, there has been quite a stir. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, quotas bring sanctions, they are tokenistic and they undermine the purity of the market. They also put the government’s nose where it doesn’t belong. May said that the best way to get change is to encourage people to recognize the talents within the companies.

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