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Doing well by doing good: Conscious women leaders inspire real change

 October 4, 2013

When 25,000 industry members convened in Baltimore last month to show and see new products at Natural Products Expo East, many of them came together at Women in Naturals, sponsored by DAWN and by Reserveage Nutrition.™ The event brings influential women in the industry together to network over food and wine. Expo East gives everyone … Continue reading

One billion strong: Women in the workforce will be the agents of change

 July 23, 2013

It used to be a man’s world. If you’ve seen the TV series, Mad Men, when men were in charge at the office, you get a sense of how it was for working women in the 1960s. If they weren’t nurses, hygienists or teachers, very often they were secretaries who developed management skills. They took … Continue reading

Today is Equal Pay Day

 April 9, 2013

It has been nearly 50 years the Equal Pay Act of 1963 was signed, yet according to the 2010 US Census, women in Indiana are paid 73 cents for every dollar men are paid. This year, April 9 is known as Equal Pay Day and marks the amount of time into a new year that … Continue reading

Increase in women on executive boards points to worldwide benefits

 March 6, 2013

“Now is the time to make women’s history, not just celebrate it,” says WomenCorporateDirectors’ co-founder Susan Stautberg, president of PartnerCom Corporation. In conjunction with Women’s History Month this March, WomenCorporateDirectors (WCD)—the largest global membership organization of women board members—is taking significant steps to increase the numbers of women on boards worldwide. WCD initiatives in Asia, Africa, and the Americas … Continue reading

International Women’s Day on Friday, March 8

 March 5, 2013

Let’s celebrate women’s initiatives and help empower women and their advancement. When I started Reserveage™ Organics four years ago, I was determined to become an innovator in the health and wellness field. I wanted to give my customers best-in-class nutritional supplements made with science-based and patented ingredients. Every one of my products takes its inspiration … Continue reading

WorldBlu Certifies Reserveage™ Organics as part of the 6th Annual WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces™ 2012

 April 12, 2012

WorldBlu Certifies Reserveage™ Organics as part of the 6th Annual WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces™ 2012 GAINESVILLE, Fla. (April 12, 2012) – WorldBlu, a company specializing in organizational democracy, announced it has certified Reserveage Organics as part of the 6th Annual WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces™ 2012. Companies that made the WorldBlu List include, HCL Technologies, New … Continue reading

Men and Women React Differently To Stress

 April 9, 2012

Multiple studies show that stress significantly affects decision making. What’s more, men and women react differently to stress. Check out this great article on about how women take less risks compared to men.

UK Ultimatum

 March 6, 2012

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s Ultimatum As seen in recent news, British Prime Minister David Cameron has created a major ultimatum for companies in England when it comes to more female leadership. According to, major companies will face quotas unless they promote more women to the board level. Cameron states there is evidence of … Continue reading

World Markets and the Power of a Woman

 February 23, 2012

FORBES WOMAN examines how different markets around the world are attracting, sustaining and retaining top talent…and that means women. In exchange for their hard work, dedication and commitment, more and more women want a meaningful range of opportunities to learn, grow and advance. Source:

Gender Roles in Networking – How can we learn from one another?

 February 22, 2012

A survey was conducted by Ivan Misner, Hazel Walker and Frank De Raffele of more than 12,000 business people about gender differences in networking as well as what the communication roadblocks between the sexes. Recently featured on the Today Show, “Business Networking and Sex” author Ivan Misner and workplace expert Nicole Williams discuss gender issues … Continue reading